Meet Jean Christophe Le Greves, the Man Behind the Exclusive Thirdman

orangeWhile walking through Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour, I ran into my friend, parfum specialist Amin, who currently works for a brand called The Contemporary Eau by Thirdman. He insisted I try their new fragrance called Eau Nomade, which I rarely do. Considering I am hooked to my current products and scents, I must say, from the moment that I sprayed Eau Nomade on my body, my world has become a better, more whimsical place.

The Contemporary Eau by Thirdman is exclusive to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and currently comes in four scents: Eau Monumentale, Eau Profonde, Eau Moderne and Eau Nomade. Tres Chic! Haute living LOVES exclusive. Speaking of which, I got ahold of the man behind the ‘Eau,’ Mr. Jean Christophe Le Greves who gave me some insight to the brand, starting with his philosophy of “Thirdman believes in individuality, quality, modernity and above all, freedom.”

The Very Handsome Man Behind “Eau,” Mr. Jean Christophe Le Greves

Le Greves also told me that very soon there will be a new fragrance to hit the market but was quite shy when it came to specifics, both about the new product but also about who the Thirdman partner is. As every bottle is color coordinated based upon its different components, he was also hesitant to share the color of the new scent that will be available in the next year. If it is anything similar to his current line, I assure you, it will be incredible.

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Not Only is Thirdman Incredible, The Packaging in Yves Klein Blue Makes it Even More Appealing (If That Is Even Possible)