Haute 100 Update Miami: Mike Piazza’s World Series Bat Up For Auction


A piece of baseball history has hit the auctions and is predicted to sell for upwards of $10,000.

In the 2000 World Series, New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens sent a fastball flying at New York Mets player Mike Piazza with a force strong enough to split his bat into three pieces. In one of the most heated exchanges in World Series history, Clemens threw the barrel of the bat in frustration…and it just so happened to be in the direction of Piazza, who was running to first base.

The bat, which is stamped with Mike Piazza’s name, is also cosigned by the Yankee’s strength and conditioning coach, Jeff Mangold, who took the piece home that night.

Bidding opened last week and currently sits at $4,481.25, but that price is expected to more than double by the time the live auction takes place in New York on Feb. 22.