Dori’s World: Events & Relaxation in Tulum

2014-01-03 10.33.42-2

In Tulum, I’m staying at Las Ranita in the Crystal Room. The water… the beach… big lunches at Be Tulum with Jen Brown, Jake Deuth, Pipa Cohen, Orlando Bloom, Inga Theron and Eddie Spencer Churchill. Then I had dinner at Harwood followed by a New Year’s dinner at Be Tulum and a party at Casa Magna, which they say was Pablo Escobar’s house. The next day I went shopping at Josa, enjoyed dinner at Casa Banana with Sernna Nikka and Peri and Kyle Heller. Julianne Moore and Demi Moore are in Tulum too. I had dinner with Katie Couric and her daughter, went jogging and did yoga on the white sand. I can’t wait to come back! There are so many cute places to eat or just relax!