Haute Partners: The Consignment Bar The Luxury Second Life


You can’t order a Cosmo at this particular bar, but you can sip bubbly while scoping out designer brands at Miami’s most upscale consignment shopping destination. Situated in Miami’s Upper East Side, the Consignment Bar defies the stereotypes often associated with shopping secondhand. The exquisitely designed boutique gives off the high-end vibe of a luxury brand store.

“My whole mission with this store was to redefine the idea of consignment shopping,” says owner CC Levin. “I’ve had clients walk in and ask, ‘Is this really consignment? Are these really pre-owned pieces?’ That’s what I wanted to accomplish.” The namesake of the boutique, a stunning 44-foot bar, faces an array of designer bags, from vintage Chanels to the latest “it” bags by Celine and Hermes. As with any upmarket boutique, the bags are displayed out-of-reach from the customers in order to preserve their pristine conditions.

The bar’s inventory includes pieces that would fit perfectly on any haute woman’s arm. Currently, the boutique is home to a rare, raspberry-colored Birkin that lists for $16,000. Another gem is a 1994 Kelly bag with unique gold hardware and camel brown leather that Hermès no longer uses. Free from the clutter and crowds that plague common stores, the Consignment Bar showcases its wares as if they were works of art in a museum. One wall displays swoon-worthy shoes—from brand-new Louboutins to Chanel riding boots. In addition to accessories, there is also a large selection of women’s clothing from some of Miami’s best closets.

“We also just began selling accessories for men,” Levin says with excitement. “We currently have Rolex watches, Hermès ties, as well as cuff links, belts and scarves from other luxury brands.”
Levin’s fashion expertise puts this store into the realm of high-end retailers like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci. She is quick to spot out trends and knows the histories of each famed brand. Buyers can rest assured that what they’re getting is the real deal, as every item is inspected for quality and absolute authenticity. With sales experts throughout the store and opportunities to schedule private consultations, the Consignment Bar offers a unique buying and selling experience. Levin serves up champagne and Pellegrino to sip, along with chocolates and macarons for patrons to imbibe while shopping.