Haute 100 Update: Steven Cohen Auctions Art From Personal Collection For $85 Million

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The founder of SAC Capital Advisors, Steven Cohen, is auctioning pieces from his personal art collection at the semi-annual auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in New York City on November 13. Cohen’s coveted collection is comprised of works by Andy Warhol, Gerard Richter, Cy Twombly and Joan Mitchell that have been estimated to auction for $85 million.

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The hedge fund manager is a regular to the art buying and selling scene. The most sought after piece hitting the auction floor from Cohen’s collection is Warhol’s 1963 “Liz #1(Early Colored Liz)” featuring the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in Warhol’s famed pop-art style with a brilliant yellow background. This work of art is expected to sell for more than $30 million. Another coveted masterpiece expected to fetch nearly $20 million is Richter’s 1986 abstract painting, “A.B. Courbet,” which was featured just last year at the Pace Gallery exhibit at Art Basel in Miami.

The pieces from Cohen’s collection along with a number of other Warhol works, an abstract painting by Mitchell and an untitled sculpture by Twombly will make up nearly 20 percent of the $424.6 million auction.