Haute 100 Miami: Philip Levine Wins Miami Beach Mayoral Race By Narrow Margin, Awaiting Recount

Philip Levine image 1 Philip Levine image 2

Haute 100 member, Philip Levine appears set to be Miami Beach’s new mayor. After winning 50.48 percent of the vote, the recount taking place tomorrow will likely still be in Levine’s favor. The businessman-turned-politician needed 50.5 percent to avoid a recount. Friday, November 6th will reveal the certified results. On the night of the election, Levine’s campaign headquarters was filled with joy. Food and drinks were served as supporters danced in front of a projector displaying the voting outcome. Levine said to his guests, “This is the most humbling night of my entire life.” After the recount is revealed, if Levine is not the absolute winner, he may have to do a runoff with opponent Commissioner Michael Góngora. Depending on how close the recount is, a second recount may be required.