Dori’s World: Saturday Night Art Exhibit and Private Party

2013-11-09 23.26.36

Saturday evening Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld presented artist, Clare Rojas, from the bay area, which I am very familiar with.  Her opening reception took place at Vlad Amir’s town house. The artist that Vlad and PC work with on this project is full of life and it shows in her artwork; the bright colors, the reds, whites, blues and yellows. I find the pieces would bring life and happiness into any room. Rojas said in an article that they are bold yet harmonious. Compositions feature vibrant angular shapes held in captivating balance through the use of negative space. She explains that the use of negative space is very important. I enjoyed the exhibit. She was a darling to talk to. She had a lovely turn out. Attilio Brillembourg, Tico Mugrabi, Kelly Rutherford, Stavros Niarchos, Hedi Gores, Ana Paula Junqueira, Sezai Taskent and Debra Peltz were there. The exhibit is going on until December 15. After the exhibition Vikram Chatwal, Ana Paula Junqueira, Jack Vartanian, Dani, a few people and myself went to the members only restaurant, Omars, for a fun dinner and then to the baby grand—its the new private hot spot in SoHo.  Julia Restoin Roitfeld celebrated her birthday there in a glamorous red dress with her friends and family. Carine Roitfeld, Vlad, Norah Flaherty, Jack Vartanian, Genevieve Jones, Tom Dore, Joe and Helle Named, Stavros Niarchos, Fabiola Beracasa and Anya, Eliz were all there. Great Saturday evening.