Salon Vaso: THE “Must” Go-to For A Completely Extraordinary Experience

When you need your hair done, nails done, everything did in Miami, where to go? Well I have your solution for all of your beauty needs and beyond. It is called Salon Vaso and I was introduced to it months ago by my best friend Kamil Parchomienko, the Brand Ambassador to the Standard Hotels. He swears by their men’s haircuts, but I never thought of going myself. That was until I had to get glam for my grandfathers 90th birthday celebration and needed a full makeover for the night. Lets just say, what a perfect choice to go to Vaso for this. Not only did I do my hair in a SICK 1930’s “up do” by Natalia,  I got the best eyebrow shaping, temporary eyelash extensions (I have amazing natural lashes, these just enhanced them) and a mani-pedi with a product that is new to the market called Vinylux and is said to last a week. Well it did! And I work hard on these nails, so experiment was well worth it, and the proof was in the pudding!

So I arrived for my appointment with the intent of just a hair and nail touch up, then the owner Vaso Spirou got ahold of me for a consult. It is what they do at the salon that makes it different than most. They offer you their opinion on your overall look rather that just letting you be. I always like to improve my image so I agreed. I needed new brows according to Vaso and even though I was stubborn about it, I was told I needed eyelash extensions. Because they are temporary, I said ok. So basically for your information, I walked in with simple on my mind, and walked out looking like a real star. I actually based my evening outfit around my hair because it was the most ridiculously amazing look ever.

The manicure and pedicure by Tanya was so relaxing, just perfect and considering the Vinylux color stayed for SO long (one week to be exact), I am willing to ditch my local Asian spot to return to Salon Vaso for the Vinylux experience. FYI, the product comes in approximately 40 colors too!

My threading by Ana was relatively painless too. The way they did my brows was interesting as well. She sketched a line around my brow, how she envisions it, then works from there. She is also gorgeous, and that never hurts, to stare at beauty while getting glam? Perfection. Then Ana did my last extensions with a synthetic material called Mink. The process took around 40 minutes and nearly two weeks later most of them are still on my eyes! They were said to last two weeks, but they are still standin!

Salon Vaso

Overall, my experience was really wow, because it wasn’t average at all. Not your standard salon visit, where you are in and out. It was all about the TLC, personal attention and making sure their clients are happy. They succeeded with me and I hope you will visit too. I recommend making an appointment because even though as of November they are open seven days a week, it is still packed with SoBE locals and socialites like jewelry designer Daniella Swaebe.

my team
Eyebrow and lash queen Ana Botero, Proprietor Vaso Spirou, Moi, Hair artist Natalia Mejia and Amazing manucurist Tanya Kirov
Natalia Mejia styles my hair. She is a true artist, not just a stylist.
The Vinylux color assortment that is available at Vaso. The “new” gel!
The final look ala Salon Vaso!