The Hottest Area in Miami Is Called Area 31!

Area 31 is back, and more fierce than ever. Still in its former home at the Downtown Miami Epic Residence and Hotel, there is no deceiving name change here, but I guarantee it to be a different experience for your palate than you ever experienced in the past. I’ll tell you why it is my new favorite spot in downtown Miami for my designer culinary needs. You may have remembered their new chef from Casa Casuarina. Chef Wolfgang Birk launched their private membership restaurant in approximately 2005, and now he is back to give this area a whole new ‘fresh’ life.

Chef Wolfgang Birk in his new home: Area 31

I have been postponing this post to discuss my obsession because I was sworn to secrecy on the night of the VIP tasting three weeks ago that I would not discuss it, and or post it, but now that I am allowed to talk, well here it is! (see, I can keep a secret!)

With a heavy emphasis on seafood, there is something for everyone.  After all, Area 31 is named after the waterway that heads from the Carolina’s to Brazil, so expect full-fleged freshness. The raw bar selection was perfection. The presentation of every item was like art and FYI they have a dish of Mussels sans shell that have been marinated in citrus flavors that still literally have my mouth watering as I type away. My Snapper filet with a green basil and garlic sauce on the side that was so perfect, I can’t wait to go back for my healthy yet tasteful meal. The deserts were also beyond; in fact, between me, Edison Lozada, Tito Gaudenzi and Kamil Parchomienko, the plate was nearly licked clean.

area 31 Lobster Wonton Ravioli 2
The delectable Lobster Ravioli… Now, look at that presentation! Salivating?

I must also say that the servers were SO knowledgeable that it enhanced my experience. That usually does not exist. Knowledge from a server plus history on the restaurant and an explanation of the meaning behind the name of the resto?!? A big plus!

You have options to sit inside or on the patio and have a grand view of Brickell and Brickell Key’s finest towers, and also a great outdoor bar that I was told draws a massive crowd for happy hour.