Follow South Pointe’s White Light To Better Skin


White Light Skin Care is a small little blink-and-you-miss-it skin spa south of Fifth in Miami Beach’s prestigious South Pointe. It’s also the secret of the very haute ladies who live there. White Light is owned by laseroligist Eduardo Ayub, who worked for Aveda for many years before opening the chic red and white spa in 2007. He is equal parts artist and skin guru who can do wonders with his assortment of high-tech lasers. “The most popular treatment is the photo facial. It’s a simple non-invasive treatment that gets the job done. It improves the quality of the skin, especially when I do in in conjunction with an oxygen facial. And you’re in and out in 40 minutes.”

Indeed, the combination of the oxygen facial with the lasers offer immediate improvement in the skin, plumping up skin and softening lines immediately. The real results of the photo facial are visible in about seven days after which sun damage darkens, then sloughs off. Collagen is also produced for a glowing flawless look. Pore size is improved, hyper-pigmantation removed and black heads banished.

“Eduardo really changed my skin for the better,” says one 46 year old client who looks closer to 32. “At first I wasn’t sure about how these facials that were pretty painless and easy would make that much of a difference but they do. Perhaps the biggest difference is I don’t want to give my age [to people] any more because everyone assumes now that I’m a good eight or nine years younger.”

White Light Skin Care also offers up a a host of treatments like expert laser hair removal, Palomar Fractional facials that eliminate stretch marks, micordermabrasion, cellulite reduction and even Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Ayub also sells Dermalogica skin products, and other hard to find sunscreens and serums to keep your skin beautiful in between treatments.

110 Washington Ave, Miami Beach  305-534-7546