Dori’s World: Inaugural Gala of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts


The gala was amazing! And look, I love going to the theater in NY, but in all honesty, I go to Lincoln Center when it’s Fashion Week and I went to the opening of the opera (which was spectacular) and I am not normally someone that can sit thought an opera, but I loved it. We take it for granted in NY because we have so many beautiful arts, ballet, music, etc. but not all of us go as much as we can. And then when we do, we realize how much we appreciate the beauty. When I heard that the Wallis Annenberg Center was having its opening gala from Rachel and Rodger, who love the arts and beauty, I asked Alex Gobo of Ferragamo and the beautiful chair of the event, Jaime Tisch, if there was room for me to attend. Jamie so graciously said yes, and wow, what a beautiful job they did at the center. And what amazing performances… from Swan Lake to the ballet dancer in break dancer clothing. Kevin Spacey and the opening and closing act were just amazing. The glamourous guests, the fashion show… I mean, LA has such a great place for the arts. So many people were there like Karolina Kurkova, Jared Eng, Marshall Heyman, Racel Zoe, Alexandra von Furstenberg, Dax Miller, Amy Adams, Nicole Richie, Lady Victoria, Anya Ziourova, Brian Atwood, Demi Moore, China Chow, Heather Mnuchin, Jacqui Getty, Crystal Loud, Cameron Silver, James Ferragamo, Ferruccio Ferragamo and Gwen Stefani.