Dori’s World: Dior & Museum of NY Events

2013-10-08 19.48.26-2

I went to an event at the Dior boutique on Wednesday with Danielle Gank, Phyllis Mack, Jacklin Sackler, Alison Lutnick. So many other women were there. The Dior store is stunning and their collection is to die for. Simone Martelle, Caroline Schmidt Barnet, Nancy and Jeff Lane and many others were there to shop and show their support. The next event I went to was for the Museum of the city of NY Directors Council, which was held at the Four Seasons Restaurant. The council includes Mark Gilbertson, Nicole Hanley Mellon, Celerie Kemble and 15 others. I spotted Jamie Creel, Jen Creel, Debra Peltz, Christine Schwarzman, Caryn Zucker, Sarah Ayers, Calvert Moore, Dan Lufkin, Di Petroff, Lisa Erico, Allison Rockefeller, Kelly Rutherford, Summer Farkas, Helen Shifter, Mary Snow, Alex Lind Rose, Alvin Valley, Dana Hammond, Betinna Zilka at the event. Next I went to a NY hospital event with Sandy and Joan Weill, Samantha Boardman, Pepe and Emilia Fanjul.