Dori’s World: Bespoke Knickers by Kalita

Kalita al Swaidi, actress and lingerie designer still makes the original and best personalized underwear. With a little hype at the moment due to Katie Grand having come out with a “Cara” knicker for Cara Delevigne—identical to those that Kalita produces and the ones Kalita made for Cara’s sister Poppy three years ago—this blonde designer/actress is not without her ability to inspire others! And ruffle feathers… though in this case, her own. Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Poppy Delevigne, Rachel Zoe and myself all have a personalized pair. Alexander McQueen’s muse Annabelle Neilson is close to having a pair for every day of the week! The knickers are available through Kalita personally or through UK retail store Austique.

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