Upper East Side To Get Slice Of Gourmet Coffee Heaven: Panther Coffee

Original Panther

Want further proof that the Upper East Side has arrived? A Panther Coffee on the MiMo stretch of Biscayne Boulevard is planned to start construction in January. Panther, in case you missed the amazing coffee in Miami memo, is known for roasting fresh green coffee beans in-house using a pre-WWII Probat Perfekt Roaster. The delicious joe that results has hipsters and investment bankers alike flocking to their original location in Wynwood and new Purdy outpost in the Sunset Harbour area.

MiMo Place Rendering LC-thumb

“We just inked the deal”, said Lyle Chariff, President of Chariff Realty Group, “It’s a game changer for the Boulevard”. Upper East Siders are slowly getting all the best amenities (like Whole Foods and Design District refugees) from around the city on top of all the historic MiMio shops and restored architecture. Panther Coffee MiMo is breaking ground for a new “Boutique Coffee Roastery and Coffee Bar” at MiMo Place, which will be a cute, mid-century style commercial center at 6405 Biscayne Blvd opening around this time next year.  The project is being developed by Akorp’s Alex Karakhanian (developer behind George’s), and Chariff hinted that he and Karakhanian are looking for a concept to go in their space next to Blue Collar a few blocks down north of the Panther lot.

Some smart businesses, like Lee & Marie’s Cakery in South Pointe have started carrying the coffee to get some long lines of their own. Want a whole bag all your own? Click here to buy some magic beans of your own. 


Panther in South Beach