Dori’s World: Sunday Football

2013-09-15 18.47.26

I kicked off my Sunday in NYC with a little loop in Central Park with Patti Kim, then I met Gloria Nakash and her kids at the zoo. Later that night, I joined Michael and Christina Hirtenstien at their amazing house for Sunday night football with John and Georgia McDonald, Jeff Hirtenstein, Travis Mcourt, Eli Mizrahi and then to Omars La Ranita. Monday was a sad day. Danielle Levine, A good friend for many of us, had to say goodbye to her mother. She was joined by many close friends and her brother, but it was a very depressing morning. Lilly Madock, David Wassong, Mike Heller, Nina and Tammi Rennart, Gillane Maxwell, Pippa Cohen, Patti Kim, Lesley Schulhof, Marci Warren, Caroline Schmidt Barnet and Craig Barnet, Stanley and Mesi Shausa, Elanor Propp and so many others were all there for her and will continue to be.