Inside the Hermès Jumper Classic at the American Gold Cup


This weekend, Hermès presented the Hermès CS14 Jumper Classic, a highlight of the prestigious 2013 American Gold Cup Horse Show at the Old Salem Farm. Nicholas Dello Joio, an Hermès partner rider participated, using the new Hermès Cavale Saddle.

“I decided to compete at the AGC because it is one of the best shows offered in the United States,” Dello Joio says. “It has a wonderful management team running the show, fantastic prize money, a great venue, and its always fantastic sport.”


The Hermès CS14* Jumper Classic, an elegant class, encourages a dynamic spirit of equestrian competition in keeping with the sporting values of the House.

Hermès SVP of Communications, Peter Malachi says, “Hermès chose to participate in the AGC due to the high calibre of competition, the participation of world-class riders. The event offers an intimate, high quality experience for competitors and spectators alike. Hermès is proud to express our commitment to sporting events, especially in such a beautiful setting as old Salem farm.”

Of course the brand is synonymous with high fashion, but the house of Hermès was originally founded in 1837 as a maker of harnesses and saddles. It was this meeting of horse and leather, creature and craft that narrated a story still told today, that translates now into bags, leather accessories and extends to silk scarves, and coveted ready to wear clothing.