The Brazilians Are Coming, The Brazilians Are Coming!


The Brazilians, first they brought their bikini waxes and steak houses, then they almost single-handedly revived Miami’s real estate market. Now, they are bringing Carmen Steffens, Brazil’s biggest shoe company state side. The company has just opened their first east-coast shop in the US. First stop – Orlando’s luxury Mall at Millenia, which also boasts Burberry, Gucci and Rolex stores.

Will the Brazilian brand that has 250 stores in 17 countries be a hit in the American market? Time will tell as they put into motion their plan to sell franchises all over the country.

Want more evidence of this summer’s Brazilian invasion? Just in July – Brazilian interior designers were commissioned to transform FENDI Casa, Brazil’s World Champion boxer Acelino “Popo” Freitas held court at Smith & Wollensky,  and Brazil Fashion System debuted a new cadre of Brazilian swimwear designers that was one of the best of Fashion Week!