Patisserie Eugenie Opens in Souk Al Bahar

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Just opened in Souk Al Bahar is a special patisserie shop that commemorates the warm hospitality and taste of 19th century Empress Eugenie of France. During the Napoleonic era, when one would receive an invitation to the Chateau Compeigne – it could only mean one thing: a lavish escape from the rigors of everyday life. And the highlight of this retreat was a delicious afternoon tea Empress Eugenie would serve to her guests each day. This enchanting ambiance is recreated once again at Eugenie, Souk Al Bahar’s newest patisserie.

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The chic patisserie offers a variety of speciality teas and coffees, along with an enticing range of French pastries including the Macaron, the Choux, and the Brioche. Exclusive to Eugenie is The Rendez-Vous – its ‘piece de resistance’ which comes in the form an elaborately decorated macaron.


Eugenie is located in Souk Al Bahar. Tel. +971 44207741