A Dream Come True? Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo In A Relationship!


Last night I headed over to the former Tudor Hotel (aka the Dream), strategically located on Collins Avenue for the Ciroc Amaretto Launch event. At first, I wasn’t sure of its purpose, I just promised my old friend Ryan Stender I would come and support. I grabbed my girlfriend Tenia Laing and headed over. Unexpectedly, I ended up on the rooftop, with some major celebs in the music industry, and took it upon myself to approach them, grab a quick interview for my Haute Living readers (with only 5 percent Blackberry Battery remaining, I made magic happen). My fearless self walked up to recording artist and newly found actress Jordin Sparks along with her boyfriend Jason Derulo, who was hosting the divine suaree.

Miley’s performance? It was as shocking as she wanted it to be -Jordin Sparks

Within minutes, they were laughing at me because I guess I am not in the know with who is dating who now adays….So, if you did not know, Jordin and Jason, yes, they are in fact a couple and it is not a coincidence that were together last night at the VMA’s or tonight here in Miami for this lovely cocktail party that was full of Miami VIP’s including James Wark and his pals who are opening up Barry’s Bootcamp James Provencher and Derek DeGrazio. Incredible old school jams kept the crowd happy, but of course, that is the case when DJ Michelle Pooch is on the ones and two’s.

Here is what Jordin and Jason have to say about their careers and their love for our glorious city of Miami (also their second home).


E: What exactly is going on tonight?


Jason: We’re here at this event with Ciroc. It’s been planned for a while. We came to chill, relax and celebrate.


E: Well, what is special for you about our city?


Jason: In Miami, I love Wet Willies (I pause), Prime 112 and the Beach. I grew up on the beach.


E: So, what are you working on now?


Jason: My second single dropped today. It is called “Marry Me.” I did it with Ryan Seacrest and my EP will be released on Sept 24th and then an album later this year. We’re releasing a bunch of material.


E: Do you record here?


Jason: Yes, at either the Hit factory or Circle House.


Jordin: I wasn’t supposed to be here


E: So, where were you supposed to be?


Jordin: I was supposed to be, we’ll actually, my schedule is always crazy, I was going to be in Billings, Montana or in Grand Forks for my brothers football game.


E: Grand Forks?


Jordin: Yes, it’s in Dakota. He is at the University of North Dakota.


E: So you are here by accident?


Jordin: Yes, I even ended up at The MTV VMAS this past week by accident. I went last minute and didn’t even have an outfit until the hour before.


E: OMG, what did you wear?


Jordin: I wore a dress by Fe Noel.


E: So, what did you think about the infamous Miley Cyrus’ performance?


Jordin: Miley’s performance? It was as shocking as she wanted it to be. It was different but if you are being yourself, you shouldn’t be any other way


E: When are you leaving our city?


Jordin: Tomorrow


E: What are you working on now?


Jordin: I just finished my record just waiting for the go ahead but I’m working with budget, but I just worked on two films. One with Nicholas Cage called “Left Behind” and an Indie film called “The Grace of Jake.”


E: And your Favorite Miami spots?


Jordin: Jasons house is my favorite place. Oh, and we’ve been together for two years. It’s Awesome that people still don’t know! (i.e. reference to me). We love the Fontainebleau the W, especially the pools, the beach and Prime 112.

DJ Michelle Pooch!
erin w them
With Jordin and Jason.
James Provencher with James Wark and Derek DeGrazio.
The Rooftop of the Dream Hotel.