Haute Interview: Jazz Guitarist and Music Producer Fabrizio Sotti

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With his new album, jazz guitarist and musician Fabrizio Sotti is making positive music. RIGHT NOW is a collaboration-packed album (Shaggy, Ice-T, Melanie Fiona, Zucchero, Isabella Lundgrun) that Sotti calls a “fusion of his musical experiences.” We chatted with Sotti about his new music, his album release party, and his love of haute Italian cars.

Tell us the inspiration behind, RIGHT NOW?
We live in a crazy world where, at times, happiness can stand right next to you but you won’t be able to acknowledge it. With this album I wanted to make positive and uplifting music that could appeal to good music lovers instead of catering to a specific audience.

Last month you had a great turn out both on stage and in the crowd for your album release party. Why do you think that people are fond of your music?
I think that people can really feel the spirit in which Right Now has been created: in the moment, content and uplifting.

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Which of your new collaborations were you most excited about?
I haven’t a favorite one because all of them are my favorites in their own right. I feel truly blessed to have all these incredible Artists on my album.

How does this album differ from your last one?
My last album Inner Dance was a straight ahed jazz album. Right Now is completely different because it’s the first time I combined my Jazz guitar playing with what I do as a producer and song writer in popular music. It’s a new departure for me. A jazz album with a pop sensibility.

We know you have an extensive car collection. What type of vehicles do you have now?
I feel very fortunate because I have owned some of the best cars in the world from Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce…but being Italian my heart goes always back to my first love Ferrari! Today I have a few Ferraris and my favorite right now is the 458 Spider, incredibly fast, beautiful and versatile. I recently added a Fiat 500 Abarth to my collection, I love this small car!

You’ve been living in New York for quite awhile. What keeps you here?
At this point I have lived more then half of my life in NY, so I really consider it home. Besides that New York is the center of the world and the people who live in it make it unique. I have seen coming any going lots of people in the past two decades, the ones who are still here are here for a reason…