Burberry Spreads the Love With Virtual Kisses


The classic Burberry plaid evokes the rainy meadows of the English countryside, prime Jane Austen territory. Today the brand announced a new projet called Burberry Kisses that would fit right in with Pride and Prejudice. The fashion house teamed up with Google for the project, which might best be described as a virtual letter sealed with a kiss.

The project allows you to capture an image of yourself puckering up and then send it to a loved one. And don’t worry, your kiss will arrive in fashion, because you can customize your pucker with different shades of Burberry lipstick before sending it along to any city around the world.

Christopher Bailey, the Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, said, “The idea is really simple. you send one of your personal kisses, digitally, to anyone, anywhere in the world. And then you follow the journey of your kiss through the most beautiful imagery. We wanted to put a little bit of heart and soul into some of the digital projects that we work on, and this is a really fun project. I can’t wait to hear your responses, and I can’t wait to watch your kisses flying all around the world, because you can watch them live as they get sent from one country to another.”

o try the #BurberryKiss, visit their website.