Breguet Celebrates “Tourbillon Day”


This week luxury watchmaker Breguet celebrated “Tourbillon Day”, the anniversary of the patent of the tourbillon. The Swiss manufacture welcomed guests to their boutiques in New York, Bal Harbour, and Las Vegas for a champagne toast throughout the day on June 26.

During the event, guests had the chance to view the watch of the hour as Breguet put on display its collection of tourbillon timepieces. The history of the tourbillon goes back to June 26, 1801, when Abraham-Louis Breguet patented a revolutionary new mechanism designed to neutralize the effects of gravity. The tourbillon was quickly adopted by the watchmaking world thanks to its ability to improve precision in mechanical timepieces. This invention was an engineering feat that cemented the illustrious watchmaker’s standing as one of the most innovative figures of all time.

Today, Breguet is paying tribute to its founder and his innovation with the new exhibition Breguet, the innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon. The exhibition showcases Breguet’s legacy and the impact of the tourbillon in modern watchmaking. After being launched in Geneva in January 2013, the exhibition is now on tour stateside, with upcoming appearances at the following boutiques:

· Breguet Boutique Rodeo Drive: Oct 3-19, 2013
· Tourbillon Boutique Chicago: Oct 24-29, 2013
· Breguet Boutique Fifth Avenue: Nov 7-17, 2013

Check out our exclusive gallery from Breguet’s Tourbillon Day celebrations.

Photos courtesy Breguet.