Museum of Contemporary Art Marks Its 15th Anniversary

Worldwide collectors and artists have marked MOCA’S 15th Anniversary at the Joan Lehman Building with donations to the museum’s collections. MOCA, located in North Miami, is dedicated to sharing contemporary art and making it accessible to diverse audiences.

The current exhibition, “Pivot Points: 15 Years & Counting,” showcases the recent work of artists who are part of MOCA’s history including Rita Ackermann, Bhakti Baxter, Tom Burr, Joseph Cornell, Nicole Eisenman, Inka Essenhigh, Naomi Fisher and Roni Horn, among others. “MOCA’s contribution to the arts in South Florida is longstanding and vital,” said Howard Kaye of Howard Kaye Insurance Agency and lead exhibition sponsor. “My firm welcomes the opportunity to play a small role in recognizing their commitment to ensure the arts remain a viable and relevant part of South Florida’s culture and society.”

MOCA’s “Pivot Points: 15 Years & Counting” will remain open until the end of May. For more information, visit