Exotic Car Company Lou La Vie Take to the Ocean

Porsche Resized

Imagine you’ve just spent a beautiful day out on the open sea on a luxurious 100-ft yacht, with the warm sunshine shining down and cool sea breeze whipping through your hair. Shades of pink and gold now fill the sky and as the sun begins to set, you head back to the Miami Beach Marina where a sexy Porsche 911 is waiting for you to hit the streets of Downtown Miami.

This remarkable day of luxury is made possible by Lou La Vie, Miami’s premier luxury and exotic rental car company, and Primetime Boats, a family-owned luxury yacht charter and boat rental company. These two unique powerhouses have joined forces to offer their clientele some of the world’s most exclusive exotic supercars and deluxe yachts and megayachts through custom packages.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Primetime Boats to offer our customers an even more luxurious and custom-made experience than ever before,” said John Temerian, President, Lou La Vie. “It’s been a dream of mine to take Lou la Vie to the next level and we feel offering yacht packages is the perfect way to set ourselves apart from anything other companies are doing right now.”

Lou La Vie and Primetime Boats share a distinctive business model in owning all of their fleets andoffering the upmost security, knowledgeable staff and high quality services to ensure each tailored experience is effortless for their VIP clients.

Both company’s showrooms offer all vehicles and yachts on display for viewing, so you can pick out exactly what you want and relax in a comfortable setting while your rental is being prepared for release.

We don’t know about you, but we know what we’ll be doing this summer!

For additional information on pricing and reservations, please visit www.loulavie.com or call (888) 979-9787, www.primetimeboats.com or (305) 532-2628. This post was brought to you by Lou La Vie.