The Perfect Fit: Julie Chaiken Launches New Collection


Julie Chaiken knows what women want. While comfortable clothing is a serious need, the perfect fit is a woman’s real desire. Founder and President Chaiken launched her now eponymous womenswear line as Chaiken and Capone in 1994, which generated a loyal following that couldn’t get enough of her perfect-fitting pants.

 Keeping San Francisco home base for the brand was very important to me. Our beautiful offices on Market Street are the perfect spot for us.

The Bay Area designer’s early success generated worldwide buzz. At its peak, her clothing was in over 400 stores globally. But the juggle to maintain motherhood with bi-coastal travel and a demanding schedule prompted Chaiken to take a short hiatus to reboot and restructure her company. Chaiken was back in full swing in 2010 with a full ready-to-wear collection that continues to deliver the impeccably fitted pant that women know and love.

Fashion outlets are now buzzing about Chaiken’s latest collection, White. Launched in addition to the Chaiken collection, White is a fresh and sophisticated take on contemporary knitwear incorporating tees, dresses and casuals.

Through her hectic schedule, the multi-tasking designer, entrepreneur and mom of two paused at her San Francisco headquarters to break down her day.Page-1-Image-2

7:00am – 8:30am: I wake up to get the day started and get my kids ready for school.

8:30am – 9:00am: The kids and I part ways as they’re off to school and we’re all en route to start the day.

9:00am – 10:30am: Three days a week, this is the time where I’ll either do yoga or meet my trainer. It’s totally necessary to keep my mind and body on point through the week.

10:30 – 5:30pm: I head over to Chaiken headquarters. Keeping San Francisco home base for the brand was very important to me. Our beautiful offices on Market Street are the perfect spot for us.

My day at the office varies. Sometimes I am working on choosing colors and fabrics, or focusing inspiration for the season ahead. I am often meeting with people for the clothing company. Launching White, a new brand of contemporary knitwear for women, keeps the day exciting. I am also taking time in the day to develop other projects and brands.

As a board member for my kids’ school, I often have things to do with helping to raise money for a new playground.

I am also on the national board of the Center For Reproductive Rights. I am deeply passionate about the work this organization accomplishes so organizing my schedule to fulfill the responsibilities involved is a top priority. So each day is different, and I like that each facet brings a unique set of challenges.

5:30pm – 8pm: I head home to cook dinner and spend time with my kids.

8pm – 11pm: It’s bedtime for the kids. After they go to bed, I wrap up my day and hit the pillow by 11. I am also an avid reader so this is the perfect time get a lot of that in. Occasional dinners with friends, events or performances come up but I really just love the routine of being home with kids and a great book.