Late Night TV Hosts Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon Say There’s No Rivalry

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Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel may compete for ratings, but the two late night TV hosts say that there’s no rivalry between them.

“We’re very friendly,” Kimmel, 45, told the Associated Press at a gala recognizing Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. “I know people expect us to dislike each other and say bad things about each other but that will never happen.”

The two television personalities will go head to head next year when Fallon leaves NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to replace Jay Leno as host of “The Tonight Show.” Even though Fallon may be moving to a different time slot, he has no plans to change the format of his show.

“We do a great show now,” he explained. “I think we’re ready. It’s just like they call you up from the minor league so I’m ready to go for the majors and I’m gonna swing for the fences.”