Supermodel Kate Moss Reads From 50 Shades for Charity

Although we’re all familiar with Kate Moss’ famous face, her voice is less widely known. The supermodel rarely gives interviews, and has only spoken to press on-camera a handful of times throughout her career. However, this week she made an exception in support of a good cause, teaming up with the BBC on a fundraising bid for Comic Relief dubbed; “How much would you pay to hear Moss “talk dirty”?”

Listeners donated more than £200,000 to get Moss to read E.L. James’ famously smutty novel 50 Shades of Grey on-airWhen the program’s host announced that they had met their goal, Moss bashfully fulfilled her end of the bargain, reading an excerpt from the chart-topping S&M book. And although she did blush a bit, Moss looked otherwise cool wearing one of her signature monochromatic outfits.

The Comic Relief foundation works to bring positive and lasting change to the lives of poor and disadvantaged people.

Photo courtesy the BBC.