Sepia’s Head Bartender Goes Global



A Chicago bartender is set to take over the world. Sepia’s Head Bartender and native Australian Josh Pearson is about to hit the international mixology circuit to compete and apprentice. Pearson has built a reputation in Chicago over the last few years for his creative cocktails, even winning the 2012 Jean Banchet Award for “Best Mixologist.” He will be heading to Peru to participate in an apprentice program, but not before he heads to Vegas to compete in the Night Club and Bar’s “Shake It Up Contest” where he hopes to bring home top honors.

After all of the competitions and apprenticeship, Pearson will be bringing his skills back to Sepia to continue work on their highly respected cocktail program. In his travels he will be learning about everything from the grapes being harvested to fermentation and distillation. He’s also very excited to learn about the art of blending Encanto Pisco and collaborating with his peers, saying, “Of course, I’m also looking forward to learning about the Pisco making process and meeting top mixologists from around the world in Peru.” Let’s all wish him safe travels in his quest to further put Chicago on the mixology map.

Photo: Time Out Chicago