Haute Ambassador David Heil : How to Pack for a Chic Beach Vacation

As the temperatures rise and travel plans are booked, the next step involves curating a selection of warm-weather appropriate items for a luxury beach vacation or an island getaway. Look to David August-Lifestyle Outfitters to make this process seamless. Sure, you can throw together some pre-existing casual separates, but you should try a fresh and functional spin on your destination attire with these standout looks. Aside from our custom bespoke clothing services, David August excels at being a one-stop shop for all of your wardrobe needs as well as the ultimate concierge service.

First, always check your destination weather before you begin to pack. One of the most important things to keep in mind while packing is to think and visualize “resort”. Cotton, linen blends, bamboo, and ultra-lite wool fabrics are just a few favorites that perform well in a humid or warm tropical climate. Accessories and accoutrements also play a key role in completing each outfit.

Get To Your Destination

Get To Your Destination

1 Alligator Leather IPad Cover, David August
2 Knit Italian Yarn Hoodie Sweatshirts, Field Scout
3 Stylish Tennis Shoe, Black Suede with Patent Leather Cap Toe, Lanvin
4 Lightweight V-Neck cotton t shirt, David August, with ray -ba ns
5 Slim Fit Matchbox Denim Jean, AG- Adriano Goldschmied
6 Book, “The Boutonniere: Style in One’s Lap el,” Umberto Angeloni
7 Monogrammed Leather Duff le Bag, Goyard

HIT The Beach!

Hit The Beach

1 Lightweight Navy V-neck cotton T-shirt, David August
2 Classic Beach Sandals, Havaiana
3 Facial Fuel Moisturizer, UV Protection SPF 15, Kiehl’s
4 Straw Fedora Hat, David August
5 Aviator Sunglasses, Ray -Ban
6 Euro Swim trunks in Chevron print, Orlebar Brown Blue and Black Paneled Swim Trunks, G-star

Night Out!

Night Out 1

1 Medium Taupe Cotton-Linen Lined Blazer, David August
2 Matte Finish Alligator Belt, David August
3 Black Leather Loafer, David August
4 Folded Crew Neck Black T-Shirt, David August
5 Leather Woven Chain Wallet, Bottega Veneta
6 Black Cotton Chino, David August

Night Out 2

1 Medium Ta upe Cotton-Linen Lined Blazer, David August
2 Soft Blue & White Gingham Shirt, David August
3 Whiskey Brown Ultra-Soft Leather Loafer, David August, with Alligator Belt
4 Khaki Cotton Chino, David August
5 Leather Woven Chain Wallet, Bottega Veneta

Day Tripping About Town!

Day Tripping About Town

1 Stylish Tennis Shoe, Blue-Grey Suede with Patent Leather Cap Toe, Lanvin
2 Refreshing Water, Fiji
3 Black Leather Bracelet, David August
4 Aviator Sunglasses, Ray -Ban
5 Grey Fedora Hat, David August
6 Blue, Black , and Wa termelon Stretch Cotton Wa lking Shorts, David August
7 Crew Neck , Dress T-Shirts, David August