Fashion Week Day 1 at Lincoln Center Brought on the Dark Fall Pieces

The first day of Fashion Week certainly let us know that we were looking at clothing for the Fall. It was dark, layered, and even the brands that usually incorporate some color kept things muted.

In more of an avant guard approach than usual, designers Lubov and Max Azria sent tight leather, large fur coats and long dark draping down the runway. There were a few pops of print that we can expect from the brand, but for the most part, the normally cheery line presented was a mix of sophistication, and even grunge to a packed house and Lincoln Center.

Nicholas K once again opened the week, very well known for their 9am start on the first day. All muted tones, the layering of outerwear over outerwear set the tone for the rest of the show on both its men’s and women’s pieces. Inspiration was said to be from the époque of the Arctic explorations in the late 19th to early 20th century – complete with snow goggles and hiking gear worn by most of the models.

Richard Chai presented his LOVE and Men’s collection uniformly, and that was just the idea. The military inspired garb was menswear inspired for the ladies as well, except for some unexpected pops of feminine purple femininity at the end. Whereas the other brands of the day were embracing draping, layers, and grunge looseness, Chai kept thing extremely fit and tailored.