Edgy Femininity from Jewels by Liza


If you can’t easily find the things you like, sometimes you have to work harder, and really search. Liza Terzi found herself in this situation when she wanted beautiful accessories, but wasn’t always liking what she could find in stores. She figured that other woman like her could be in the same situation, so she started Jewels by Liza where she approaches the accessories market as a stylist to deliver the most unique pieces to her clients.

“The inspiration came from me wanting pieces for myself and it just sort of unfolded into a business,” Liza says. “My clients come to me because they appreciate my sense of style and they like the one on one personal time when I can help style them for an event or for their every day life.”

Terzi approaches the design process as a stylist and in this way she likes to create pieces that work for both evening special events and daytime social gatherings. “You can incorporate into your everyday life and wear the same piece both with jeans and a t-shirt to dinner as well as to a red carpet event,” she says.

As a professional dancer, Liza is currently running her company as a private business where clients come over for personalized consultations. She always participates in trunk shows and some special events where she can show her work to women who share the same aesthetic that she does.

“Most of the pieces are my own hand selected that I personally pick for my collection because they are things that I can see myself wearing and that I need for a particular look,” she says. “I also pick pieces with a certain client in mind. I don’t design that often but when I do it’s too attain those looks that I see lacking and that I want for myself.”

Moving forward, Liza will continue to select high-end pieces for clients and hopefully expand to get more people to see her work. “As of now people are enjoying my eye and my taste so I know I’m doing something right,” she says.

To contact Liza Terzi, please email: lizaterz1@aol.com