Louis Vuitton’s Internet Trunk Show

With America’s cup on the horizon, a luxury line we can’t help but mention over and over again is Louis Vuitton.  An integral part of their offerings has always been the custom order steamer trunk.  Rich with history, this piece often becomes a family heirloom.  But Louis Vuitton is a master of innovation.  They were one of the first luxury companies to enter into the social media sphere, using facebook to stream one of the fashion shows.  Mixing heritage and the future comes this fantastic video.

This short film by Les Courtisans immerses us in the visual history of Louis Vuitton trunks; jumping back and forth between the many designs developed by the house throughout the years; a graphic explosion at crossroads between the late 19th and early 21st century.  It’s an immersive light installation that explores part of the richness of the Maison and reveals layers of savoir-faire, innovation and dreams.