Interior Designer Mary McDonald celebrates Million Dollar Decorators at Monika Chiang’s Boutique

Bravo’s new show Million Dollar Decorator featured an episode last night that focused on interior designer Mary McDonald and fashion designer Monika Chiang— so the two celebrated at Monika’s Soho boutique.

When Monika and Mary set out to design the perfect interior for the store, sparks fly as Mary navigates design challenges and races to finish the store in time for the designer’s opening night event.

McDonald and Chiang reunited (for the first time since the show’s filming) at a special event which was celebrated by close friends and fans. “I’m nervous!” Chiang admited about watching the episode. “I haven’t seen anything but a quick clip yet. So I’ll be seeing it for the first time with everyone else. Actually, maybe nervous is not the right word…maybe scared is better!”

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