Haute Design: aFrame Audio Creates Elegant Home Speaker Solutions

Sounds quality, and the way you experience sound within your home is not always easily accomplished. Everyone aims for that theater-like experience, but speakers aren’t often visually appealing, and no one wants visible wires.

A-Frame by Tru Audio has come up with a very handsome option for those looking for superior sound as well as an appreciation for fine interior design. And since Bluetooth technology gets rid of those wire hook ups—the company’s clever concept leaves you with not only new artwork, but easy listening through hidden speakers.

By placing the speakers within a customizable frame, you eliminate having to look directly at those woofers and tweeters, and focus only on artwork that you enjoy. The best feature is that you aren’t stuck into one design or style and the company works with you to make your order customizable, including the option to send your own artwork. If you have a personal photo you like, they will print and frame it, and the option of mattes and frame borders solves a problem if your photo isn’t large enough.

The actual depth to the unit is appealing as well. This makes the piece more a work of art, and less of just something that is covering your speaker.

The online experience is fairly simple, but if you want to see the product itself, it’s now being sold at Tekserve in New York and OneClick in Miami.

For more information, go to http://www.aframeaudio.com/

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