Haute Scene : Alexandra von Furstenberg Honored at Cavalier

Guests celebrated two visionary artists in October at Cavalier, the fabulous new neighborhood boutique founded by interior designer Jay Jeffers and Creative Director Michael Purdy. The evening showcased Alexandra Von Furstenberg and her collection of edgy, acrylic home accessories as well as the spectacular new jewelry collection by Alex & Lee, the iconic Bay Area designers. Von Furstenberg and Alex & Lee Founder Lee Brooks clinked glasses with the evening’s hosts Jay Jeffers and Michael Purdy ,Vanessa Getty, Sloan Barnett, Ali Pincus, JP Conte and Paul Weaver. The packed house also included VIP guests OJ Shansby, Hillary Thomas, Alexis Traina, Juliet de Baubigny, Joy Bianchi, Wilkes Bashford, Ed Hardy and Carolyn Chang. The fete was also an opening for the stunning retrospective Alex & Lee: 40 Years of Renegade Jewelry Design, curated by Michael Purdy and now on view at Cavalier.