Emmy-Award Winner Damien Lewis To Star In Short Film About Jaguar F-Type

British automaker Jaguar announced Tuesday that its short feature filmed named ‘Desire’, inspired by the Jaguar F-Type, will star Golden Globe nominee and Emmy award-winning actor Damien Lewis.

Paramount Pictures made the announcement and will be producing the film, while Jaguar revealed its new F-Type to 350 VIPs ahead of its scheduled United States Auto Show reveal. The F-Type is the first two-seater sports car from Jaguar since its iconic E-type was launched about 50 years ago.

American actor Shannyn Sossamon was cast to play the lead female role, and Jordi Molla was cast as the villain. The film will be shot in a desert in Chile, and Jaguar will invite viewers to follow the filming of the movie with an insider’s view of the set and filming process throughout its production.