CNBC Visits Prestige Imports in Miami to View the AU 79 Gold-Plated Lamborghini

CNBC visited Prestige Imports in Miami and spoke with Brett David, the company’s Chief Executive Officer who also oversees all the Lamborghini sales. CNBC says, “This isn’t just any Lamborghini dealership,” since Lamborghinis are as much a part of the Miami scene as palm trees and bikinis.

Brett’s company sells more than any dealership in the country so they took a peek at the inventory and talked to Brett since he’s been selling lambos since he was 14 years old when his father owned the company. Brett talks about how its foreigners who are the main customer, and shows off the AU 79 gold-plated Lamborghini.

“Some cars are meant to be sold not driven. If someone came with the right offer, I’d probably let it go,” Brett says.

To view the inventory, go to