What’s On My Desk: Pour La Victoire Creative Director David Giordano

David Giordano is a co-founder and the creative director of PLV Studio which includes shoes and handbags from Pour La Victoire, a luxurious, French-inspired collection, and Kelsi Dagger, a classic and trendy collection that captures uptown/downtown aesthetics. As Creative Director, David is in constant pursuit of quality, evolution in design and expanding product offerings.

In work and life, David enjoys and is inspired by music, travel and pop-culture. When not in his design studio in New York City, David is in Brooklyn working on the interior design of his gorgeous apartment and preparing for his new role as a Dad this coming March. Here’s what he keeps on his desk:

Best Selling Shoes
I have shoes from PLV Studio on my desk to help as a reminder to understand the DNA of my brand’s successes and think about how we translate that into our future ideas. I always have materials on hand to sketch new designs that come to me throughout the day.

European Publications
I devour every aspect of European publications. From the models, styling and features, I can get a glimpse of the current fashion zeitgeist. As Creative Director, I use every moment I can to look for new inspirations and opportunities to help my brand evolve.

Crystal Skull
The skull reminds me of my downtown, rock & roll roots when my friends and I started denim, shirting and leather collections out of our apartments. We worked so hard and loved every minute of it. I’m so thankful for those early experiences and the knowledge they provided.

Architectural Prints
The prints are a symbol of my eclectic and beautiful heritage as I am very proud of my culture. My mother is French and my father is Italian. I found the prints to be ironic and unusual schematics and felt they were made for me and the mixture of my two strongest backgrounds. This also explains my affinity for french-inspired shoe design and soccer.

Photo of Asa and I
The photo of my love and I was taken on a great weekend we had together a few years back. We have been together over ten years and I keep this photo on my desk to remind me of the beautiful things in my life.