VS PINK Model Jessica Hart Relaxes at Jets Game

The Victoria’s Secret Show is considered the superbowl of fashion and lingerie—so it’s only fitting that VS PINK Model Jessica Hart was relaxing at the Jets game this weekend before heading off to her fitting for the show.

The model was there promoting the Victoria’s Secret PINK NFL Collection, cute athletic apparel for women so that ladies have something cute to wear while cheering on their favorite teams. The cute tees, sweatshirts and undies can be purchased at the stadium or either of PINK’s free standing stores in Brooklyn, Soho or Herald Square.

“I think it’s so awesome that someone is touching on this market to make female sports apparel for their teams. Women shop more than anyone, so why not make it available to us?” Jessica said.

After the game it was back to work for Jessica. “I’m going for my fitting today, so if everything goes to plan, I’ll be in the show,” she said. Jessica works out at Flywheel Sports where she takes FlyBarre classes to prepare for the show—and when it’s all over she is still trying to figure out how to spend the holidays. Last year she spent time in Chile, first in Patagonia, hiking in the mountains and then continues to the northern Chilean desert.