Gucci Showcases Fine Jewelry and Watchmaking at The Standard in New York

Last evening Gucci was able to display the fine hand-craftsmanship that its watches and jewelry are given. The Italian company previewed The Timepieces & Jewelry Artisan Corner at The Standard Hotel in New York before the artisans will move to Bloomingdale at E. 59th St. Fine Jewelry Gallery Oct. 12 to 14.

This is the first time that timepieces and jewelry are brought together to reveal the craftsmanship of the House’s watch and jewelry making expertise directly to its customers. Guests were able to view gem setting, engraving and the process of giving the bamboo pieces their color using fire. Artisans were seated a traditional jewelry benches and gemology tables, where audiences observed the tools used and skills required to add the finishing touches to Gucci’s premium jewelry items. The models showcased were the Bamboo and the 1921 – both prime examples of the handwork required for many of Gucci Timepieces watches.

The Timepiece and Jewelry Artisan Corner shows how Gucci continues to uphold traditional techniques and champions fine timepieces and jewelry. Visitors and clients can interact with the exhibit and will leave with a powerful sense of having experienced the House’s enduring values.

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