What’s On My Desk: David Seelinger, EmpireCLS Chairman/CEO

Thirty-two years after being founded on the back of a single car in Norwood, New Jersey, EmpireCLS (Chauffeured Limousine Service) can be found and depended on for rapid, safe and accommodating transport in 700 cities across the world. David Seelinger, Chairman/C.E.O. (and proud passenger) is at the helm of Empire’s commitment to not only speed and customer service, but also environmental efficiency. When not on the road, the man you can thank for your ride in a Maybach 62, Rolls Royce Phantom, Lincoln Stretch or all-out 49-seat bus steers Empire’s wheel from his Seacaucus office.


Here are some of the desk items that keep Seelinger’s eyes on the road:

  • Most recent copy of Bergdorf Goodman catalog because shopping heals all.
  • Conrad Rudy & Friends, which contains inspiring real life stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary odds.
  • Photo album which includes pictures of the history of the company and its employees and, of course, pictures of my children who inspire me every day.
  • A management dashboard which helps me keep the pulse on every aspect of the daily operations of my business.
  • A dog leash for my constant companion Raika, a German Sheppard, who is with me all the time.
  • Most recent copy of Haute Living–doesn’t everyone have this?
  • Footprints, scriptures with reflections because scriptures help with balance

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