Moscow War of 1812 Museum Exhibition Unveils Military Rarities


Located just outside the Moscow State Historical Museum on Red Square, the Moscow War of 1812 Museum has just unveiled a new exhibition featuring extremely rare pieces such as military maps and authentic pieces of the Russian army uniform. 

The newly opened museum serves as a landmark in an exciting lineup of events celebrating the 200th anniversary of Russia’s victory over Napoleon. The recently unveiled exhibition is filled with numerous military memorabilia including a large piece of a mural painting from the Christ the Savior Cathedral, a screening of a film about the Napoleonic Wars, authentic pieces of the Russian army uniform, items from Alexander’s field church, battle portraits and a ribbon of the Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called worn by General Pyotr Bagration as he was killed during the Borondino Battle. In addition, items once owned by Field Marshal Kutuzov are on display in a separate location in the exhibition, including a small telescope, tableware and decorations.

According to organizers, there are no accidental exhibits.

“Just look,” said Kirill Meerov, who runs the information department at the Historical Museum, “this is a throne which belonged to Emperor Alexander I. He asked for a throne similar to the one owned by Napoleon to be made for him but with different symbolic engravings. The one owned by Napoleon is on display at Versailles, and Alexander’s throne can be seen at our museum in Moscow.”

The exhibition also includes Napoleon’s sabre, which he presented to Alexander’s aide, General Shuvalov, in 1814. 

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