What’s On My Desk: Bagatelle’s Aymeric Clemente

What’s On My Desk – Aymeric Clemente

Though Bagatelle is where all the delicious food and endless fun happens, it’s at this desk where Aymeric Clemente, partner at Brand Essence Hospitality and co-owner of the restaurant, makes the business decisions that make this French Mediterranean hot spot a reality. Here’s what Aymeric keeps nearby to stay inspired.

Postcard of Le Café de Flore
Le Café de Flore is my favorite place to go for breakfast or lunch in Paris in St. Germain. You can also find the best bookshop, La Hune, next door, and that’s where I usually spend a good amount of time buying old novels and cookbooks from around the world.

Miniature Toy Racecar Replica
The car is actually the replica of Jimmie Johnson’s racecar from the Daytona 500 that he won in 2006. I actually know him through his wife, and we threw his victory party over at Bilboquet after his big win—it was beyond memorable. He and his wife Chandra are wonderful people, and Jimmie is true inspiration. This serves a symbol of their friendship and exciting moments in my life.

I am crazy about the business I am in, and obviously food is a major factor. I buy many cookbooks from all over the world, and they help me find inspiration and ideas for Bagatelle as well as at home when I cook on my own.

Bagatelle VIP gift box
Well, Bagatelle is my baby, so it just a good daily reminder of how far we’ve come and where we are going with the brand.

Oscar Wilde postcard
The postcard actually reads, “Today people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” That quote speaks to me as I was raised to always value everything around you, not just the superficial aspects of life. It’s hard to keep that top of mind with the world today, and I think Wilde phrases it perfectly and everyone should live by that mantra.