Day By Design – Lorry Newhouse

Classically trained in art and film by way of Yale, Lorry Newhouse was designing beautiful garments long before it was her trade. In fact, as the story goes, inspiration for her eponymous line hit when Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo stopped Newhouse on her way out of last fall’s Carolina Herrera show to find out whose design she was wearing. It was hers. And so Lorry Newhouse, the label, was born with the sophisticated woman in mind. Still in its infancy, Newhouse launched the line this season–a collection in which classic meets contemporary and the result is both luxurious and feminine.

6 AM I’m usually up at sunrise with my mind filled with ideas of new pieces for the next collection. Spring/ Summer 2013 is under way; and I am so inspired by the new fabrics we’ve sourced from Italy and France. The colors are so bright and warm. Lately, I’ve been drawn to warm pinks and yellows. It must be because of the unusual weather we’ve been having in New York!

7 AM I prepare some tea at home—my son and daughter-in-law just brought back some beautiful white tea from Paris—and sit down with my journal to prepare for the events of the day. I go through my stack of fashion magazines and newspapers.

“I love going to my favorite neighborhood restaurant, Sette Mezzo, with my husband and enjoying a nice pasta.”

9 AM I start my work with our seamstresses at the office. I’ve been working on changing the pleats and collar to one of our gold lamé dresses plus several new samples every few days. I’m sewing away!

10 AM I’m on the phone with pattern makers and work on my mood boards. Then I check in with my daughter in L.A.

11 AM I meet with other company members. I prepare all sketches and trimmings, I cut tickets and run to the Garment District where we check in with all our fabric sources and production team. Sales appointments are still under way and we’re continuing to add more silhouettes to the collection.

12 PM We usually grab a tea and continue about our errands in the Garment District. There is no time to waste; fashion never stops.

1 – 3 PM I come back to the office for press meetings and sales appointments.

4 – 6 PM I continue to sew and sketch for the rest of the afternoon, always checking in with the team. The emails and phone calls never end.

7 PM Pattern makers usually come and check in with new samples, to see if we want to change the fabrics or color. The options are endless.

8 PM I love going to my favorite neighborhood restaurant, Sette Mezzo, with my husband and enjoying a nice pasta. We walk back home, check in to see how my granddaughter is and play briefly with my three dogs—a bulldog, Chihuahua and Dachshund.

10 PM I usually settle in and screen a film at home. I don’t sleep much, as I am continually thinking of our next piece of ready-to-wear for Lorry Newhouse Designs.