Bravo! Encore! – Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s Charitable Endeavours

 I love photography and writing, but tend to write better at night.

While relieved to be out of the harsh glare of reality television cameras, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, acknowledges the perks of her former role on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” The Bravo series was “an amazing platform,” she says. Since partying ways with the show last year after three seasons, Bensimon has spent her time shuttling between her homes in Manhattan and East Hampton, with frequent visits to Los Angeles, Miami and Haiti, where she supports the efforts of Generosity Water, a non-profit organization battling the clean water crisis in the developing world.

The former model, jewelry designer and author also stays busy writing. In April she published I Can Make You Hot!, a compendium of exercise and nutrition tips for the non-celebrity woman unable to afford a personal trainer or chef. But the light of Bensimon’s life are her daughters Sea, 13, and Teddy, 10. “They’re my legacy,” she says and they all enjoy the “vibrant hot pink sunsets” the Hamptons have to offer.

7AM: I’ll wake up to a light run, or maybe Soul Cycle.

8AM: For breakfast I usually have fruit or a hearty granola and lots of coffee.

10AM: I’ll refuel with a green juice and some vitamins.

12AM: Since I don’t snack, I always strive for a good lunch, like a dragon bowl with brown rice, veggies, and tofu, shrimp, or chicken.

1 30PM: I love photography and writing, but tend to write better at night. So in the afternoon I’ll try to devote whatever time I can to taking pictures.

4PM: This is when I love to paddleboard with my daughters on Georgica Pond—it’s the rare exercise that’s also relaxing.

6 30PM: I insist on having dinners with my daughters six times a week. I might have a spinach salad with salmon or steak. Truffle salt is required.

9PM: Writing time!