Outer Borough Eats

Sick of the sweltering city? Hit the outer boroughs on a summer evening or weekend! Here are some of our favorite non-Manhattan dining destinations.


Fette Sau
354 Metropolitan Avenue

An unstoppable Brooklyn favorite, Fette Sau features some of the best Barbecue in town. Serving rare and fresh cuts of meat, this hot spot is perfect on any summer day or night. Taste the pork belly for a mouthwatering entrée: we promise it won’t disappoint.

St. Anselm
355 Metropolitan Ave, between Fourth and Havemeyer Streets

Simple food, seasoned perfectly, at an unbeatable price. St. Anselm, a steakhouse, is a game changer due to its nostalgic rock playlists, modern twists on classic dishes and superb staff. The space is rough, rustic and chic.

Marlow & Sons
81 Broadway

Whether you stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Marlow & Sons delivers. This restaurant lives up to its name and reputation, and menu highlights include oysters and brick chicken.

80 Wythe Avenue at North 11th Street

Reynards is a great space with an intelligent, non-stuffy crowd. Channel your inner hipster when entering this joint and enjoying the meticulously edited American-nouveau menu. Hit the roof of the Wythe Hotel for an unforgettable summer sunset.

Di Fara Pizza
1424 Avenue J

We all know that New York is famous for its pizza, but Di Fara brings pie to another level. This tiny Brooklyn spot is arguably the center of the pizza-universe. With a $5/slice menu, we understand your hesitancy, but thank us later, when there isn’t a crumb left on your plate.

Paulie Gee’s
60 Greenpoint Avenue, between West and Franklin Streets

This Greenpoint pizza joint serves up creative combinations full of flavor and spirit. Paulie Gee’s serves both traditional and vegan options, and it really pushes the limits of what toppings you would expect to find on a pizza. Try the Hellboy- their traditional Delboy, Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante and Parmigiano Reggiano, with some hot hot honey ($15).

L & B Spumoni Gardens
2725 86th Street

Spumoni Gardens is classically delicious. You can’t go wrong with a slice of round or square, followed by rainbow spumoni on a summer Sunday. The line can get long, whether dining in or out, so grab your slice and cone to go.


Arthur Ave.

Arthur Avenue is the outer borough mecca for fine meats, cheeses, pastas, breads and espresso. Sometimes referred to as “the real Little Italy,” Arthur Avenue is a family-favorite sure to fill you up. Take a stroll through the vast array of shops and treat yourself to some of the best homemade bites in Belmont.


Omonia Café
3220 Broadway

Omonia, a traditional dining and trendy dessert neighborhood café, is decorated in European fashion and adorned with bright colors. Its Classic Euro-Grecian cuisine makes way to pages of cookies, cakes and Baklava variations like galactoboureko (milk custard baked between phyllo in light syrum) and yianniotiko (phyllo “flutes” stuffed with nuts rolled in shredded wheat pastry).

Titan Foods
2556 31st Street

A go-to grub hut with incomparable Greek food, Titan Foods is just divine. Whether you are craving olives, feta, yogurt or baklava, this is the in-and-out supermarket for you.

El Gauchito
9460 Corona Avenue

El Gauchito is an Argentinean favorite showcasing a grand spread of wines, desserts, cuts and cuisine. Famous for its top-quality meats and extensive menu of more than 60 dishes!