Easter Faberge Egg Arrives in Saint Petersburg from London

Image: missmeadowsvintagepearls.blogspot.com

In anticipation of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty next year, the Easter Faberge egg has arrived in Saint Petersburg from London. The egg is the first gift for the celebration and is on display at the Tsarskoye Selo museum.

The Easter egg was created by Carl Faberge’s direct descendant and was made in compliance with Theo Faberge’s design project. The House of Faberge is known for designing jewel-encrusted eggs for the Russian imperial family.

According to the Tsarskoye Selo museum’s deputy director, Iraida Bott, “This is a guilloche enamel Easter egg of intense ultramarine color. The surface is decorated with gilded elements in the form of the coat of arms featuring double-headed eagles. In all, there are 18 elements symbolizing the number of rulers in the Romanov dynasty. Traditionally, each Easter egg has a surprise inside: when you open this egg you find the famous emblem of the Romanov family with a gryphon on it. It can be removed and exhibited separately. The egg is topped with another double-headed eagle. By the way, it was made triple-headed to make it look double-headed from any angle. In other words, this is a work of art of exceptional beauty.”

Since the egg will be part of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, Bott added, “Since our museum is part of the former imperial residence, the property we have and preserve once belonged to the Romanovs, this date means a lot to us. An Easter egg, which is going to be presented, was designed by Carl Faberge’s grandson Theo before his death in 2007. This was his last work.”

The Romanov family had a long tradition of presenting each other with an Easter egg every year. In 1913 for the 300th jubilee, the House of Faberge also made a luxurious egg that had a globe inside.

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