It’s About That Time: The Miami Heat Hublot Experience

As the heat rises, both on and off the court, on this second day of summer in Miami, the city waits with bated breath in the hopes that our Miami Heat locks down a championship ring tonight at the American Airlines Arena. Across the country, basketball fans will anxiously watch to see if the Heat will in fact take the finals on their home court.

But of course, in true Miami tradition, the Heat watching experience is part sporting event and part fashion parade; so, to that end, the perfectly edited ensembles punctuating the arena will be similarly worth watching.  And it’s not just the fans who will be dressed for the occasion—it’s no secret that Hublot brand ambassador, Dwyane Wade is amongst the most stylish players in the NBA. Appropriately so, Hublot’s King Power Miami Heat Chronograph is the quintessential must-have timepiece for Heat fans and watch enthusiast’s alike.