La Putri Hosts Workshop with Gemologist Christian Dunaigre in Singapore

Image: Luxury Insider

On June 1-2, haute jewelry makers La Putri will host an exclusive workshop with renowned gemologist Christian Dunaigre at the Singapore La Putri boutique.

During the workshop, guests are invited to bring their private jewelry collection for a complimentary review by Dunaigre, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on colored gems, diamonds and pearls. For jewel collectors, the opportunity to witness an expert of his caliber examine La Putri gems is a rare and coveted occasion.

Dunaigre worked with the Gübelin Gem Laboratory in Switzerland in 1997 before beginning C. Dunaigre Consulting in 2008 offering the highest level of gemstone certification in the trade.

During the workshop in Singapore, visitors will also be privy to free formal laboratory certification services.

Source: Luxury Insider