Haute Event: Lisa Rinna Debuts Her New Book

On Thursday, May 3rd Hollywood actress and TV personality Lisa Rinna and sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner, gathered at the Museum of Sex to celebrate the launch of their book, The Big, Fun, Sexy, Sex Book. Guest and friends of Lisa Rinna and Dr. Ian Kerner enjoyed an evening of cocktails, and tunes spun by famed DJ-duo Andrew Andrew.

Clad in a form-fitting fashionable Stella McCartney frock, Lisa Rinna toasted the audience and K-Y® Brand, and describing her light-hearted book as the “workbook to 50 Shades of Grey.” Rinna and Kerner joined guests as they shopped the Museum, enjoyed body painters, signed copies and saluted the release of the book!

Lisa took some time to chat with me about her book, designing her new QVC line and how social media helps her use her voice.

Q: Tell me about your new book?

LR: It’s The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book! I didn’t really plan on writing a sex book but I’ve been on my own sexual journey for the past thirteen years. I wrote a book called Rinnavation about reinventing your life at any age back in 2008 and I wrote a chapter about sex and how I lost my mojo and how I went on a mission to get it back. That seemed to really strike a chord with women. I am now at a different point in my life where when I met Dr. Kerner the sex therapist we started talking and he said gosh maybe it would be fun to write a book together, hence The Big Fun Sexy Sex Book. We wanted it to be fun, accessible and start a conversation and help people.

Q: What has been some of the feedback from family, friends and fans?

LR: So far so good, it just came out but the feedback I’m getting is oh I can’t wait to get this back to my partner, wow this is really great, this really helped me, that sounds scary but I’m gonna try it. It’s starting a conversation!

Q: You and your husband Harry Hamlin are like Hollywood royalty and you’ve been married for a while now. How do you keep the flame alive in your marriage after twenty years?

LR: We’ll we work really hard at it. We do a lot of things in the book. What I say is, whatever goes on between two people that’s consentual is OK. So you gotta figure out what that is for
you. You need to communicate, you need to help each other with what turns you both on. You gotta figure that out.

Q: Tell me what else you have going on? You’re always working on a few projects at once.

LR: I closed both my stores. I’m now selling my line on QVC Belle Gray by Lisa Rinna. I’ve just taken it to another level. I’ve always wanted to design. I’ve taken my ten years of editing my store Belle Gray to designing my own line. It’s really exciting, QVC is a great brand. I’m also back on Days of Our Lives, I wanted to act again so I’m acting. And I just did a campaign for the depend brand. Which is really shocking everybody, because I don’t wear them but I did a great American try on for charity.

Q: You have been in the entertainment business for a long time now and have seen a lot of change in the industry. How has social media changed the way you run your businesses and communicate with people?

LR: Well for me it’s exciting because people can hear my voice. A lot of people project onto me who and what I they think I am. I can now use my voice and tell them who I really am. I like to share, I like to be accessible, I like to empower and help. I think that’s what social media does.

Q: Where can people find you online?

LR: You can go to my website lisarinna.com or tweet me @LisaRinna!

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Photo Credit: Wire Image